Release Channels

Among Us relies upon the community to beta test new features, and currently has two release channels.

  • Latest is for stable, Among Us versions. It’s what you get when you install Among Us on any system or store. This is the channel you’re already using today. Use this for playing the game.
  • Public Beta includes experimental features that aren’t available in the stable releases. Use this to try out upcoming features before they are released.

The only difference apart from version is that users on the Latest channel cannot play with those on the Public Beta.

Latest Channel

Latest is the channel used for stable Among Us releases.

If you’re not sure which channel you should use, it’s Latest. If you’re playing Among Us, this is what you’re already using.

You can expect updates to Latest to be extremely stable.

Public Beta Channel

Public beta releases include additional features that are not ready for wider release.

How Can I Learn More About Beta Features?

Usually, beta features aren’t documented until they are close to shipping in Latest.

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