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Where do people find private lobbies?

Discord is the most popular method of finding and organising private lobbies, even for players who don’t use voice chat.

Most large Among Us servers will have channels that let people find and organise both voice and text-based lobbies. We recommend you join the /r/AmongUs Discord server.

How do I use voice chat?

There is no native support for voice chat in Among Us. The game itself only allows players to communicate through the in-game text chat.

People who play Among Us using voice chat use third party software for this. By far the most popular program/app for this is Discord.

How do I join games on Discord?

People post open invites to their lobbies or voice channels in the server’s appropriate matchmaking channels. You can join these at will. You don’t have to ask for permission - if they’re looking for more people, that includes you, too.

How can I fix my Discord overlay?

When having the Discord screen active, press CTRL+R to refresh Discord and have the client check for new updates. If the overlay still isn’t working properly, reinstall Discord.

How do I submit a bug report?

You can report bugs on the Innersloth Discord server. Please read the information in the #known-bugs channel first before making a report; they get quite a lot of duplicate reports on known bugs already, please don’t contribute to that.

When reporting a bug, try to provide the following information:

  • Is it reproducible? What are the conditions that trigger the bug? This is easily the most important and helpful piece of information.
  • A screenshot, video and/or description. Try to be concise. If there are multiple problems happening at the same time, try to separate them from each other.
  • The device this happened on: Did this happen on PC, or an Android, or a Switch, or some other device?
  • The version number of the Among Us client. This number can be found in the top left corner of the start screen. If this happened on a beta version of the client, include that information as well.

Connection issues

The vast majority of connection issues are caused by server overload on Innersloth’s behalf. The most common solution to this problem is simply switching to a different region, as regions see different levels of activity due to time zone differences.

Other solutions include doing the following:

  • Waiting a few minutes before trying to reconnect
  • Brute-forcing a connection by creating a lobby yourself, before joining someone else’s
  • Switching on your VPN if you aren’t using one, or turning it off if you are

You can check the server status of Innersloth’s servers on their Discord: The channel #server-status has a bot that shows the amount of requests each server gets. This information gets automatically updated every 10 seconds. It’s also in this channel where updates will be given if server-wide connection issues appear.

Innersloth has 6 servers located in the United States (Texas and California), 2 in Asia (Japan), and 2 in Europe (Germany). If you live in a country that is not close by any of these places, you might experience connection issues regardless of what you do.

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