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How can I practice Among Us offline?

Among Us features a singleplayer mode known as Freeplay where you can walk around on any given map as either crewmate or Impostor and assign yourself tasks. It’s a pressure-free environment where you can make yourself familiar with the map’s layouts, which tasks there are and how to do them, and how the vents are connected.

You can find Freeplay mode on the start screen. Once you enter a map in Freeplay mode, you will be able to access a laptop behind where you spawned. On this laptop you can add tasks to your task list (or mark them as complete) or toggle Impostor mode by clicking on Be_Impostor.exe

What are some common terms in Among Us?

Common terms or phrases used in Among Us include the following:


Standing in one place and keeping watch for an extended period of time.


Stating that a player could not have done a particular kill.

Faking (tasks)

Accusing a player of not doing tasks, essentially accusing them of being an Impostor who failed to blend in.


Shorthand for Impostor.


Using out-of-game resources or information to affect in-game decision making.


Shorthand for sabotage.


Short for suspicious or suspect.


Losing the game intentionally. Also often used as an insult if a player made a wrong decision at a crucial time, losing the game for their team.

Vent kill

A kill that took place on or near a vent, after which the Impostor immediately vented to escape the room or avoid detection.

A more comprehensive list can be found in the glossary.

How long does a round of Among Us last?

The length of a round is undetermined, but can be influenced by changing the settings, in particular the amount of Impostors in the game, the amount of tasks the crew gets, the kill cooldown for the Impostors, and the length of the discussion time.

What are visual tasks?

Visual tasks are tasks that play an animation when they’re in the process of being completed, but only if the lobby settings have Visual Tasks: On. If visual tasks are turned off, they are not different from other tasks in a meaningful way (except for Submit Scan). Visual tasks are an effective method for crewmembers to see which other crewmembers are safe, as Impostors can’t perform tasks, and therefore can’t trigger these animations.

Among Us has the following visual tasks:

The Skeld

  • Submit/Medbay Scan
  • Empty Garbage
  • Clear Asteroids
  • Prime Shields

Mira HQ

  • Submit Scan


  • Submit Scan
  • Clear Asteroids

The Airship

There are no visual tasks on The Airship.

What are common tasks?

Common tasks are tasks that are assigned to either every crewmember, or none of them. If you don’t have a common task assigned to you, no other player will have it, either. One way to find out if someone is an Impostor or not is by catching them try to fake a common task that isn’t on your task list.

The game has the following common tasks:

The Skeld

  • Fix Wiring
  • Swipe Card

Mira HQ

  • Enter ID Code


  • Scan Boarding Pass
  • Swipe Card
  • Insert Keys

The Airship

  • Enter ID Code
  • Fix Wiring

Why do players follow other players on Medbay, even though Visual Tasks are off?

“Submit Scan” is a visual task that allows players to confirm their status as crewmember to other players, but even if Visual Tasks are turned off, crewmembers can still be confirmed innocent by other players if they have this task as well. Because only one player can perform this task at a time, other players will get a message to wait for the player who is currently scanning to finish first. Because Impostors can’t perform tasks, this confirms that they’re safe.

Why do so many players insist on “skipping on seven”?

If a game has 10 players and 2 Impostors with 7 players left and nobody has been voted out yet, there are still 2 Impostors in the game. If the Crewmates vote out another crewmember, the Impostors are only one well-coordinated double kill away from winning the game. It’s not a guaranteed win for the Impostors, but it’s a risk most players don’t want to take.

“Skip on seven” is not a hard rule that must always be followed, but if the crew is not fairly certain they found one of the Impostors at this point in the game, they will often prefer to play it safe and skip voting.

Is it okay to reveal who an Impostor is?

Generally speaking it isn’t, although there is a difference between telling the crew who the other Impostor is and going along with the crew if they’re in the process of building a case against them. If the other Impostor messed up in some way and found themselves in the middle of a cross-examination, you don’t have to stick up for them at all costs, especially if doing so would blow your cover. Likewise, if you’re the one who messed up and your partner isn’t sticking up for you, don’t hold that against them.

However, telling the crew who the Impostor is if they weren’t already figuring that out by themselves is generally considered extremely poor form, and it is never okay to tell the crew who the other Impostor is out of spite, or because you got caught first.

What are the keybindings for Among Us?

Spacebar or E

Use, Sabotage, or Vent




Report dead body


Toggle map


Toggle fullscreen


Close sabotage/task screen

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