Information about the /r/AmongUs Discord server.


  1. Our moderation team will take action against you if we feel you’re being disruptive or toxic to the community even if what you’re doing isn’t specifically outlined in the rules.
  2. Be nice & remember the human. Abuse/toxicity towards other members of the server will not be tolerated.
  3. Derogatory terms will not be tolerated, even if they are naturally a part of your vocabulary. The most common instances we will punish very harshly are f*g, the n word and r word.
  4. Sexism will not be tolerated.
  5. Telling a user to kill themselves or otherwise threatening them will result in a ban.
  6. If you are asked to leave a lobby, respect the decision and leave the lobby.
  7. In VC lobbies, let other users talk. Talking over others accomplishes nothing other than wasting time.
  8. Don’t out the impostors or talk while you’re dead
  9. Other discord server invites are not allowed, including DM a user a server invite.
  10. Use the correct channels. Memes go in the memes channel, if you’re looking for a game go to one of the LFG channels, etc.
  11. Do not advertise your social media or streaming channels here. Content creators can apply for a role if you have more than 100 followers.
  12. We have a zero tolerance policy for hacking. Showcasing, linking to, or raising awareness to hack providers will result in a ban.
  13. Glitch abuse is prohibited such as pre-sabotaging is not allowed. Pre-moving is acceptable as it gives no major benefit to either side.
  14. Metagaming, which means using information that you wouldn’t have available in the game, is not allowed.
  15. Don’t intentionally act like an impostor to throw the game. Intentional third impostoring, where you purposely throw so your friend can win will result in disciplinary action.
  16. When advertising in LFG channels, ads that include e-dating messages (such as we have hot guys/girls) are not allowed.
  17. We have a large number of users under 18 on this server. X rated messages or anything pornographic or fetish related is not permitted.
  18. Do not message staff directly unless you are unable to open a ticket in mod support ticket
  19. Please refrain from discussing politics and religion.
  20. Please only speak English here. If you are using other languages to violate rule 3, there will be a harsher response for trying to bypass the rule
  21. Make your name pingable (use normal letters)
  22. The use of soundboards are banned from this server.
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